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DIY Car Cleaning

How to Achieve Auto Detailing Service Results


Auto Detailing Service ProviderDIY car cleaning can be an effective way of restoring your automobile to its former beauty and splendor. This can be done by using several steps and tricks which will help to make the process easy and achieve the effect of a professional auto detailing service. Here are some of the steps you should follow.


Begin from the top to the bottom at all times

To avoid streaking and soiling already clean areas one more time, always begin your auto detailing from the top of the vehicle to the bottom. This applies to both the interior and exterior, especially when washing or removing debris. For instance, when taking care of the inside of your car, begin from the top of the seat and work your way down to the carpeting.


Interior first

Begin your DIY detailing services from the interior as that is where you spend the majority of your time. Use compressed air to remove all dust and debris from seating and crevices. For plastic pieces use a specialized detergent to remove filth and grime and protect it from UV rays. For leather, use a special conditioner and for cloth organic cleaners.


Do not forget the hard to reach areas

When cleaning your car do not forget to wash the hard to reach and often overlooked areas. These include the door jambs, hood and trunk latches. Be sure to take care of the wheel wells and the weather stripping as well. For bonded blemishes use a clay bar worked into a patty.


There are several steps which can help you achieve the best results during DIY car cleaning. These include beginning your detailing from the top to the bottom to avoid re-soiling already clean areas. Starting from the interior where you should use dedicated detergents for your upholstery and compressed air to take care of hard to reach areas. And making sure that you have washed overlooked areas such as the door jambs, wheel wells, and weather stripping. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional auto detailing service provider. An example of one such contractor is Amazing Auto Detailing in Tigard, OR.


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