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Cleaning an Antique Car

Expert Auto Detailing Tips


Cleaning an antique car can be both a daunting challenge and a rewarding project. This is due to the value which such automobile treasures have which makes them both eye-catching and difficult to maintain. There are several auto detailing tricks, however, which can help ensure that your prized possession will remain majestic and impressive.

Car Detailing Services Always read the labels of the detergents and test them first

An often overlooked auto detailing step is to read in advance the label of the detergent you will be using. Each product has its own formula which is to be used for certain surfaces and blemishes. This makes reading the instructions and the warnings mandatory in order to avoid irreparable damage. Be sure to test the chemical on something before applying it to your valuable car.


Apply a two-bucket method

To avoid smearing filth onto already finished areas during car detailing, use the two-bucket method. Place near you two buckets, one containing a mixture of fresh soap and cleaning solution. The other is used for rinsing off the rags and brushes you are using for the cleaning of your prized possession.


Do not touch chrome

To avoid damaging chrome parts during detailing, use a soft cloth. This will help to restore the fogged material to its former beauty. Make sure your hands or nails do not touch the surface during cleaning as they can leave scratches.


Cleaning an antique car can be quite challenging. Among the steps which can help to make the process easier for you and avoid damaging the automobile is always reading the label and testing the detergents before use. Using the two bucket method to ensure that filth and dirt do not get smeared onto already clean areas. And using a soft cloth to polish chrome. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional auto detailing provider. An example of one such contractor is Amazing Auto Detailing in Tigard, OR.


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